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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Puns are the red-headed stepchild of the joke world. Everyone hold their noses up whenever a pun is mentioned but secretly people love them.

My favorite type of pun is the visual pun. Being a cartoonist, this is one of the tools of writing in my belt. Visual humor need to get across an joke, an idea, clearly as possible. There's no need to tell the reader about the philosophy behind the pictures. Show, don't tell, is the driving force behind picture making.

Anyway, as I was searching for references photos for a small project I'm working on, I came across some non-sequitur images. In this case, I was researching yogis and their famous bed of nails. Among the search in Google images were yogis and Yogi Bear. Yogi Bear! As I looked, I realize there was not one picture of Yogi Bear as a yogi on a bed of nails. No one ever took that opportunity to make a visual pun of Yogi as a yogi. So I took it upon myself to draw it.

Then I got the idea for a new "meme". I would love to see what others draw with regard  to cartoon characters who translate into puns very well. Please post your drawings below or post a link - good or bad puns are welcomed. Here's a free one for you - Yogi Bear as Yoga Bear in the downward dog position.  Have fun!

Smarter than your average yogi!

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